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Proudly 100% Asia Owned and Operated VIHO TECH has been trusted by 100’s of Asia businesses for over 10 Years. At the core of our culture is engineering. Engineering sets us a part as we consistently challenge the industry status quo, driving innovation which results in better services and therefore outcomes for clients.

We specialise in providing a wide range of telco and infrastructure services. Directly supporting our clients both locally in Asia and internationally.

Our clients trust us to help keep their businesses running. We take pride in working alongside our customers to build rewarding and collaborative relationships and business solutions for the long-term.

We do not simply achieve this delight – we carefully construct it bit by bit.

Our universal tool is developing and managing sophisticated processes based on advanced outsourcing technology.

Our clients entrust us their most valueable assets.

So whatever we do, with every service and solution we offer, and whenever we are in contact with our clients' customers, we do everything to give them the best brand experience possible.


We have a team of leading engineers to ensure our customers are provided with today’s best of breed services and equipment, served up with maximum flexibility to met each customers’ specific requirements. Enquire now for our direct and wholesale services.

Managed Wan

Our Network Architects design, implement and support your unique network based on the business outcomes you require. Flexible feed types, secure, resilient, monitored and delivered with full transparency. We are Resiliency Specialists 24/7 365 Always On...

Business Internet

With the increasing reliance for businesses on the Cloud and Internet to conduct our day to day operations, it’s essential to have secure, fast and reliable internet connectivity. Our network access is robust in design, multi-homed with resilient feeds. Asia, AU & International.


Full range of voice services including SIP Line Access, PSTN, DDIs, Toll Calls. Online billing, recordings and reports. Phone Systems with full Unified Communications options, plus specialised business system integrations. Delivered via cloud, on-premise and/or fully redundant hybrid methods.


Businesses now require robust and direct connectivity to their Cloud based app services, coupled with traffic prioritisation. VIHO TECH provides direct and secure connectivity to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services regionally. Local VMware Hosting and Co-location are provided with flexible bundles such as Firewall as a Service.

Contact Centre

MiContact Centre by Mitel is the ultimate contact centre application that helps business to empower customers with self-service capabilities and leverage the power of mutlichannel communications. We deliver complex system integrations combined with off-the-shelf Reporting, Recording & Workforce Management platforms by Mitel.


Providing specialist infrastructure projects for the commercial generation of solar power, coupled with globally leading battery storage technology and management systems. Providing sustainable micro-grid energy for transmission, broadcasting and connecting the IoT. 'The Enernet is to Power what the Internet was to Data'


Whether selecting hardware for our core networks or selecting upstream telecommunications partners we only select the best…..why risk anything less?

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